2007 Blue and Fancy-Sadie- is a nicely gaited silver sabino mare. Rides great with just the right amount of fire I like. 15.1 hands 

2010 Swirling Moonlight- Nadia. Very sweet and pretty 15.1 hand mare with Overo and Sabino genes. Besides her beautiful color she adds great bloodlines and gait.

2015 JA Sparkling Gold Sand - Dixie- Nice 15 solid built palomino born and raised here.  Pictured here at 3 with her buddy Dani

2015 ARW Dime in the Sand- Dime- 14.3 hand palomino born kid gentle here on our farm. Blaze and back socks. My daughter has decided Dime is HER horse. 
Left open so daughter can ride her all year long.
2016 DMF Fancy Magic Doll- Dark Chocolate- 15.2 hand silver dapple. One of everyone's favorite. Built, smooth and gentle.
Open for 2022 so I get to have fun riding her.
2016 DMF Flashy Dapple Bell- Milk Chocolate-  Smokey silver dapple. Gentle, good size and smooth. 15.1 hands 
Had a 2022 bay roan filly
2017 DMF Hot Rosie- Nice red roan. At 3 years old stands 15.2 hands. Built and gait the best. 
Had a 2022 palomino roan colt
2016- Gypsy- 15.1 hand solid built black overo mare- Daughter of  Swirling Moonlight above. 

2016 ARW HOSANNA SAND GUARD, Hosanna, nice buckskin born here. Daughter of Stella above and my former stallion Arrow's Sandman. 15.2 hands. Great size, great gait and great disposition
Had a 2022 blue roan filly
2020 Gen "General American Dream" . Solid black filly that is friendly and moves right.
2021 Harley Bay roan tobiano.
2021 Classy Silver classic champagne
2020 Icy Black Lace 15.3 hand black sabino