Why Mule?

I love horses but...
Why should you ride a mule?
If you've never ridden one, you don't know what you are
missing.  Mules are generally smoother, more sure footed
and smarter than a horse.

Mules are not really stubborn. They can seem lazy because
they will not put themselves in danger. A horse can be worked
until it drops, but not so with a mule. The "stubborn" streak
is just the mule's way of telling humans that things are not
right. Mules are very intelligent.

Many people use mules to hunt off of.  Mules can climb higher cliffs. Mules can help you carry your prize back home.

Compared to Horses...
  • Mules endure heat better.
  • Mules have fewer feeding problems.
  • Mules eat less.
  • Mules rarely have hoof problems.
  • Mules excel in physical soundness.
  • Mules live longer productive lives.
  • Mules have a strong sense of self preservation.
  • Mules are surefooted and careful.
  • Mules incur fewer veterinary expenses.
  • Mules just look different.
  • Mules are born with the guarding instinct.
  • Mules are loaded with personality.
  • When you ride a mule its always fun to say, "Nice Ass."

Proper breeding and training can produce mules that will meet all expectations in performance or trail. Come by and visit; lets talk mules.