Adopt a living legend. For $125 you can adopt a gentled mustang. The mustang will be able to pick up all feet. Lead good and load.  Please call me on how to adopt a mustang.. These horses are exceptionally hardy, easy keepers and usually don't need shoeing.
Visit the BLM website to view requirements.   Below are pictures of the ones available right now.  Let me know if you are looking for something particular.  They come in many different colors and sizes.
Call 479-20 TRAIN  or e-mail at

Sorry but at this time I don't have time to train mustangs

Mustangs that have already been adopted:
Little Bear: 4 year old gelding from Nevada.  He went to live in Springfield, MO.  He has a great temperment and didn't get too excited about much.  He is 14.1 Hands.

Fabio: 3 year old mustang from Nevada.  Beautiful flaxen mane and tail.  He is 15.1.  He went to live in Springdale, AR.

Wolf: 3 year old mustang from Wyoming.  This one is gaited with some high stepping front legs.  Took him awhile to gain my trust but after he trusted me we got along great.  He had one blue eye.  He is now in Louisianna

Big Momma is a 4 year old mare from Nevada.  She is 15.2.  Beautiful with her size and color.  She was the boss in our pasture and is the boss at her new home in Ozark, AR.

Nevada is a 4 year old from Nevada.  She is a dark bay standing at 14.3.  She is being finished riding and has a fast walk.  Adopter plans on using her for endurance and I think she choose a good one.  Going to live in Huntsville, AR.

Amigo is a 3 year old from Nevada.  He has a perfect letter A on his left side. He too had that flaxen mane and tail.  15 Hands..  He is in Ozark, MO.

Cocoa is a 4 year old from Wyoming.  Fast learner.  Went to Olathe, Kansas.
My Goal as a breeder is to produce horses with a  gentle mind that needs little to no training to get them to gait under saddle. Tennessee Walkers can be used to trail ride, show, endurance ride, ranch work, run barrels, and give kid rides. I use "natural" training with all my horses.