Horse Training

Jill began training horses after adopting her first mustang.The first mustang went  from never being handled to riding and bowing in two months.  Jill trains the way horses understand.  She doesn't rush through the training if the horse is not ready to move on to something new.  The reward they receive is release of pressure.  How much pressure she applies depends on the horse. The most important thing to know is when to release the pressure.

Horse training starts with a good foundation on the ground.  Horses learn to respect the handler.  Training length depends on the horse but in general it will take 2 months. 
In the first month the horse will be desensitized to various objects and have a good foundation of ground work.  The horse will have some time under the saddle.  The second month is mostly spent riding.  We will ride in the round pen, around the house, in the pasture, down the dirt road and trail rides.  Your horse on average will spend two hours a day, five days a week for eight weeks with the trainer.  Some days longer, some less.
You are encouraged to come participate in the training.  This will help you communicate with your horse back home and the horse will see you as a leader.  

Upon completion of training you can expect your horse to
  • Be caught easily 
  • Be haltered smoothly
  • Will walk on a lead alongside handler, handler on near or off side
  • Can be led  and rode away from other horses
  • Can be led and rode over obstacles such as
Ground poles
Plastic or tarp
  • Can be led and rode by obstacles such as 
Plastic on fence
  • Is easy to lead through a gate
  • Is easy to load into a trailer
  • Stands still when tied
  • Picks up and holds up each foot for hoof care 
  • Moves over while tied when asked
  • Stands quietly for reasonable sacking, 
       grooming, saddling and bridling
  • Mount or dismount from either side
  • Stands still while mounting
  • Easily ride in a walk, trot and canter
  • Ride with a loose rein.
  • Neck Rein 
  • Be use to dogs, chickens and kids.

Training fee is $500 month 
  • Recommend at least 2 months
  • Shoeing if needed is extra

Call us at 479-263-3550 or e-mail at to discuss your horse training needs.

First Mustang ride
Mustang on "scary" cover
Mustang w/ winter coat
This use to be a spooky horse.
Mustang with the tarp.
I was wondering if she cared about this.
This mustang really didn't like the trailer at first now she'll stay in there all day.
Sorry but at this time we don't have time for outside training. Please call me and I can refer you to some other people that might be available.
My Goal as a breeder is to produce horses with a  gentle mind that needs little to no training to get them to gait under saddle. Tennessee Walkers can be used to trail ride, show, endurance ride, ranch work, run barrels, and give kid rides. I use "natural" training with all my horses.